14 April 2012

Going To The Paradise Vacation Island Of Thassos

Most of Greece is surrounded with mythology. Getting a taste always propels you into another world created by your imagination that always seems worthy to spend some time in. There is this one story that comes to mind that is about the Sirens. Ancient citations tell that these were what you would call mermaids, with fish like bodies. They were really abysmal women who lured sailors to the Island of Thassos with their singing. The sailors never met a happy ending since they usually jumped into the sea to follow the voices but met their deaths in the rocky coasts when they hit the hard rocks. If this particular myth has got your attention, then paying a visit to the island may well be worth some trouble.
Thassos - Giola beach

In the Greek Island, you can find top attractions in Thassos that can make your vacation wholesome. With the best in the Greek culture and a unique lifestyle, Thassos can make your holiday into one of the most fulfilling and perfect moments you have ever had.

There are splendid entertainments in the Island, with the Thassos beaches in Archanelo, Makriamos, Agios Loannis, Potos, Limenaria, Skala Marion, Kinira, Aliki and Pefkari, you cannot imagine missing a swim in their refreshing cool waters, as the Thassopoula islet tempt you to have a charming Kayak.

Holidays in Thassos are unequalled and are for those in the light, and you have the chance to go to an island that crowds are not. You can even start planning your holiday now as you sample the most affordable deals that can get you traveling within six weeks. You can imagine walking about hidden coves and sleek sandy stretches, things that only materialize to you in your dreams and wish lists. The hospitality of the people of Thassos and the Tavernas leave you with a feeling of surprise at their uniqueness. Here is the best of Thassos accommodations. All that you need to know about accommodation in Thassos island, Thassos hoteluri Romanians travelers best choice!

21 May 2011

Travel to Thassos a quick tour to the Emerald Isle

Limenaria Thassos
Thassos island is about 12 km north of mainland Greece and is a popular tourist destination for residents of mainland Greece. It is so popular that exceeded during the season, as some of the most popular Greek islands like Corfu and Crete.

The feeling of peace and solitude is never far away and is definitely a place for those wishing to relax and escape the stress scenarios based on the daily life of the island is not spectacular, but very beautiful island, but wants the nickname of "the Emerald Isle" unfortunately is not exactly true, as mixed forest fires has removed a lot of green. I do not want to leave this wonderful place because it is more than enough for visitors is always with its sandy beaches and ruins Hellenistic fascinating.

The capital of the island of Thassos town is located on the northeast coast and is the main port of the island. It was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Thassos, who built at the height of his fame offers lucrative trade relations, as the empires of Egypt and Persia.

The ruins of the ancient city are scattered by the modern city and is easy to spend hours researching walk through these views in a glorious past. If you want more history on the islands were the archaeological museum has numerous exhibits and is worth a couple of hours, even if only to escape the sun! Most visitors leave the island of Thassos town fast enough on the way to the coast and the transport network that connects the city with almost all the villages, making the island.

The east coast has beautiful beaches and quaint traditional villages and the Aegean. Panagia Potamia and favorites of the visitors of Thassos and a hill with splendid views over the island and its coastal location, not originally named Golden Beach is a long and sandy and is easily the best on the island.

The way to the mountain villages is nice and not too much variety, even if a bus route regularly. Paradise Beach is south, not as picturesque as Golden Beach is a quiet place and is an ideal place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of Thassos limited. Given this small island, easily accessible reefs are great and there is a small archaeological site nearby.

The west coast of the island of Thassos is probably more than the East Coast, with plans to explore the region each year. The beaches of the coast are most at risk and are mainly composed of gravel instead of sand on the opposite side of the island.

There are some beautiful towns along the coast, and they all have a wonderful step cobbled streets and stone houses. Some of them, as Skala Rahoniou and SkalaMarion have small beaches and start making the largest tourism development. Limenaria, on the south coast is the second largest city and is a popular tourist destination with a narrow sandy beach, all of which can be completed in the summer. About 15 km of the city lies the village of Theologos, the capital of the island under Turkish occupation and effortlessly in the most beautiful was Thassos. Its white houses and narrow streets are still undiscovered by mass tourism and to help if you walk through the halls not you, but you feel like your own little of the traditional life of the Greek island!

There are several nice cheap hotels in each Beach, but the area is more developed in the West Coast and that is okay with where most packages. More and more take studios or apartments for holidays in Thassos and with a car rental is easy to explore the Island. Ferries to Thassos are regular from Kavala on the mainland. Kavala is located 100 kilometers east of Thessaloniki, there is also an international airport. Thessaloniki to Kavala buses are very regular and the only way to get to the island because there is no airport in the currency itself.The Thassos currency in Greece is the euro, divided into 100 cents.

16 January 2011

Thassos Hotels are reasonably priced and pleasant

Skala Potamia Thassos

Thassos Island, off the coast of Greece, is to visit one of the most pleasant atmosphere for tourists and relaxing places. If you wish to visit Thassos the exotic island, of course, you need to find a hotel. The site of Thassos-Hotels.gr is the most useful accommodation directory to find a cheap hotel on the island, and we are convinced that this is an ideal place for summer holidays. For hotels, this page is also an excellent place to advertise a hotel in Thassos is number one website to find a hotel.

Travelers can choose to enjoy their trip to Thassos from a variety of things to choose from. Many people go to the stunning beaches, archaeological treasures, gold mining, culture, hospitality, delicious honey and tasty olive and olive oil. A look at some pictures on the site you can see the blue water and green forests, of which the island. There are several ways to enjoy and the beach. Some of them are mountain offroad 4X4 jeep, biking, horseback riding, canoeing and hiking. The island has many supermarkets, souvenir shops, bars and traditional products shops. Once a week is a farmers market with fresh fruits, vegetables and fishes.

Thasos-Hotels.gr has a list of several hotels where tourists can stay. Thassos hotels are located on the island and can improve tourist holidays. Tourists are among the hotels in the center of the island or the coast to choose from. Reading the Thassos hotels information in advance, you can decide which position is best for your needs. For example, when the beach is a priority, a hotel on the coast will be better. If you are hiking on foot and hobby, maybe a country hotel in the heart of the island of Thassos is the most appropriate.

Thassos hotels are cheap and convenient. They are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need to unwind after a long day exploring the island in the sun. Its useful to see how the weather varies from season to season. Spring is 23 Celcius, while summer can be as hot as 33 Celcius.

Thasos-Hotels.gr is the best place to find the number one in the hotels and advertising your hotels or business on the Greek island of Thassos.

13 January 2011

Limenas, Thassos Town in Thassos

Limenas Kalogeriko

Thassos Town, in particular known by locals as Limenas, is situated on the north coast and is the capital of Thassos island. Thassos Town is one of the best places to visit during your vacation in Greece and has all the best qualities of a stay in Greece, including endless clean beaches to see, decent nightlife and more moree many things! Thassos Town has a lot of dramatic beaches, where to spend your vacations!

Greece and Greek islands is a wonderful place for ideal beaches. Thassos Town offer you a beauteous golden beach framed by clean blue waters, white sand and backed by many beach bars really what more could you ask from a holiday? Spread around are smaller coves and beaches, the new harbor port of ferries and the old harbor, notably known to the locals as Palio Limani and Kalogeriko, is worth a visit or two too!

Thassos town has one of the best places in Greece to see the sights. You can take a trip into the great hall, a variety of shrines in the hills, the Acropolis and the famous great archaeological museum of Thassos. Holidays in Thassos Town are ideal if you're a serious historyenthusiast! And if you are a friend of green nature, the green island of Thassos offer in abundance!

Thassos Town is surrounded by huge pine green forest, you can get the best of local produce in a basket and explore on your own! Thassos town has many nice places to find high-quality food in a traditional taverns and excellent international gourmet restaurants! A lot of things to do than many other places on the island of Thassos, Thassos Town has some great bars and clubs of a few, the city is the most popular is the gate, you spend your holidays in Thassos town!

Potos Thassos on the southern coast of Thassos is one of the real beauties of emerald Greek island. Potos village was a traditional rural community before tourism but nowdays Potos is the best place for dreamy holidays relaxing, just relax and enjoy the best to offer of Thassos. The main goal of Potos is the beautiful huge beach a perfect mixture of white and golden sand accommodation and facilities with many hotels, apartments, studios, rooms and cafes.

Thassos incredibly blue and so clear is to be able to see you, see to the bottom of the sea, really amazing things! If you want to track alone on the beach all day at the beach bars or even try water sports great, you are sure to have a good time!

Thassos Limenaria is near to Potos when you want to do a lot more emotions. Imagine the streets of the Greek island village, on a cool afternoon, buing some nice Greek souvenirs from traditional shops and drinking coffee at the seaside cafe bars and the evening enjoy the best tast from the delicious Greek cuisine in one of the many taverns of Potos and after take a drink in a traditional bar for perfect end of a summer day in Thassos!

12 January 2011

Thassos island a paradise for holidays

Limenas the Ancient Theater of Thassos

Thassos is the northernmost island in the Aegean in Greece, with a round shape and beautiful scenery. But this is more than the rich vegetation make the island famous for its unique scenery and lush landscapes in balance.

The island is wonderfully relaxed and one of the most pristine, beautiful beaches with many resorts at the beach so that Thassos accommodation is not a worry and lush landscapes. Is still relatively off the beaten path, but the island's tourism package purchased, and this makes it the ideal place to relax and unwind.Thassos has a beautiful landscape of pine forests, olive groves, mountains and verdant valleys .

In the eastern half of the island is mount Ypsario. The increase of 3428 m, the highest peak of mount Ypsario Thassos in Eastern Aegean and is mostly covered by pine trees. The east side of mount Ypsario is steeper, but the western slopes gently. While Thassos island is a mountainous terrain, the topography is not very strong, and the mountains rising gently from the coast inland.

Thassos island is a great paradise for lovers of adventure. The island offers many opportunities for hiking and mountain climbing. If you're one of them, the outdoor space, a nightclub and it is heart-pounding music, hate low, then the island of Thassos for you. The brave can go for hiking, mountain Ypsarion and enjoy the view from the top of the island of Thassos. The less adventurous can have a nice walk or cycle tracks in the countryside and visit the mountain villages.

There are many organized tours in Thassos with many hiking trails starting from the village of Theologos. Almost all villages of the south have a path to Theologos. One of them starts Potos and winds in Theologos. The scenic route takes you to a beautiful waterfall and pine forests to the village of Castle. After a few refreshing yogurt Castle in the tavern, you can drink from a fast ride back.

Most villages of Thassos island in the countryside and the main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture and animal husbandry. In fact, the most fertile island in the Aegean, with traditional products cereals, dried fruit, olives, fruits, honey and wine. The olives are common in coastal areas. The first adjective that comes to mind when you come to visit the villages of Thassos, is "green."

There is so much natural beauty with green trees and springs and ruins and stone bridges, which are indispensable. The villages are located in the castle built by the islanders plundering pirates of the Aegean century roam hundreds of ways to protect forests were canyons, sources reveal, and the chapels and some of them some of the most spectacular in Greece. A map of Thassos can be seen in an office of tourism and enjoy what you can discover the extraordinary beauty of the island of Thassos in one of the many trails and hidden beauties.

26 August 2010

Thassos the northernmost Greek island in the Aegean Sea

Thassos island map
This website was created to help visitors get to know the natural beauties of Thassos island, the history of the villages in the sights, people with manners and customs, the cheap accommodation and hospitality on the island, local products, the local market and everything else related to the island of Thassos. Thassos island is the most popular and economical cheap destination of Northern Greece, Macedonia. Thassos island combines green and blue with traditional villages and endless beaches, the forest floats in the blue waters. The green island of Thassos is senic and unpredictable. The island's history thousands of years, many names like Aethria, Idonis, Aeria ..... Thassos predominant come from time immemorial and many of delights, a glorious and troubled island. Thassos Island nurtured in the bowels of the painters and sculptors and famous orators and athletes, but essentially ordinary people of the sea and land, Did I hurt people and tortured, closely tied to the fate of their country. The rich forests of Thassian Pine, Black Pine and Thassian spruce cover the entire surface of the island, picturesque villages lost in the green and the sea is revealed when the visit. Full of colors and images from the aquamarine sea, the white foam and homes, the deep green of the pines, the pure white of the marbles. Lacy beaches, wild cliffs and hidden caves and natural pools promise unforgettable emotions. Discover the earthly paradise ...find out your dream holidays in Thassos !